Chase Allen Self (Argo, Alabama) - "I got the Cherokee and simply love it. I'm not a competition guy, but more of a backyard warrior. The price and the quality of the product cannot be beat. I've got friends in the BBQ community who use stumps and Jambo's but yet they marvel at my smoker. I'd definitely recommend this smoker to anyone from backyard weekend guy as I am or competition around the states guy. I would say I'd buy another one but this smoker will probably out live me with it's superb quality."

Tyler Cannon (Glen Rose, Texas) - “I can’t say enough about this group of guys.  Outstanding quality and just flat out AWESOME pits!”

Scott Woods (Virginia Beach, Virginia) - “Best Smoker ever made.  I walked in my very first competition because of the quality of these units.  By far, the best product on the market.  I would choose this over a Lang any day and twice on Sunday’s!”

Scott Woods (Virginia Beach, Virginia) - “New smoker is broken in.  For those that know “slow n’ low” the barrel held 250 degrees for 4.5 hours with only a 2 degree shift in temp, difference in temp from one side to the other side (6 feet in distance).”

Jimmy Natty (Washington, DC) - “I own one of your Black Warrior Smokers.  I drove almost a thousand miles from Maryland to come buy it.  It was worth the drive.  It’s the best smoker I have ever seen around.  Just throw in the beef, chicken, pork, turkey, fish and salivate.  Great for friends and family picnic.”

Cory Seawright (Tupelo, MS) - “I am absolutely lovin’ my Black Warrior!  I’ve done a couple competitions and several catering gigs and this rig is always the talk of the crowd!  You can’t beat these smokers for the money.  I’m cooking for 35 people today and this baby is loaded down with meat and holding perfect temp on this chilly morning!  Thanks guys!”

Robert Chesser (Temperanceville, Virginia) - “Holds heat like a champ and puts out a quality product!”

Morris Robertson (Marion, Arkansas) - “Great cookers”

Brian Huitt (Mabelvale, Arkansas) - “Absolutely love my smoker.  It holds temp like a champ.  Got it to cater a wedding.  I had 18 baby backs, 14 whole chickens and 6 mid size pork loins on at once.  Best investment I ever made!”

Trevor Reuss (Knoxville, Tennessee) - “These smokers are awesome.  Can keep perfect temperature no matter how cold it is outside!”

David Smart (Huntsville, Alabama) - “The best cookers available!”

Jason Lloyd (Louisville, Kentucky) - “I’m a big fan of my Black Warrior!  It’s almost made smoking TOO easy!  Maintains its temperature real well, real sturdily built, and it doesn’t hurt that it just looks cool to boot!”

Tim Langston (Gulf Shores, Alabama) - “Black Warrior pits are award winners!”

Josh Wilemon (Horton, Alabama) - “Excellent smoker!!  They built exactly what I asked for and threw in a few surprises.  Great guys to deal with, great prices, and outstanding performance!!”